We offer classes for dancers ages 18 Months-18 Years, in a variety of styles. There is surely something for everyone!


KC Dance Company offers programs for the recreational and competitive dancer. At KCDC, we train dancers to pursue their passion. You're own unique heartbeat is the only rhythm you need to dance to, and we will provide your dancer with the best program for them.


Our dancers dance together, we don't divide our programs, as our goal is to grow all dancers to be their best.


KC Dance Company was established in 2014 to combine passion, artistry, and creativity in an atmosphere where dancers of all ages and abilities can flourish and grow together. KC Dance Company was formed on a dream that through dance, students can find joy, passion, and lifelong lessons. We believe that we encourage growth in and out of the classroom. We want to provide you with the ideal environment for your dancer; an environment in which they are always welcome, valued and encouraged. We strive to provide students with guidance and the proper tools to achieve their goals in dance. Our studio serves as a safe space for young artists where we encourage them to follow their dreams and feed their passion. We recognize that every dancer has their own path by offering several programs for all levels.

Our goal is that through dance, we will build individual self-confidence and worth, help dancers learn discipline and work ethic, so that they too, will see they can accomplish anything.


Dance lessons are life lessons, whether a dancer is in our program for 10 years, or 1 year, we will hope that they will take the lessons they learned in our program forever.



KC Dance Company

43 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH 03051

(603) 521-8077